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What Is Ethiopian Teff?

Teff: an ancient grain, native to Ethiopia. Domesticated 6000-4000 BC, it's among the oldest crops.

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The Best Ethiopian Teff

For ages, our people nurtured the land, bestowing the world with Habesha Teff. Today, we ensure Ethiopia's prosperity through it.

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Little Addis Mission

Driven by justice, we champion farmers, traditions, and harvests. Empowering them for rightful recognition and fair global value.

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ቀይ የጤፍ ዱቄት 5ኪሎ / Habesha Brown Teff Flour 5kg


Out Of Stock

ቀይ የጤፍ ዱቄት 10ኪሎ / Habesha Brown Teff Flour 10kg


Out Of Stock

ቀይ የጤፍ ዱቄት 20ኪሎ / Habesha Brown Teff Flour 20kg


ኦርጋኒክ የገብስ ዱቄት / Organic Barley Flour – 5kg


Out Of Stock

ነጭ የጤፍ ዱቄት 5ኪሎ / Habesha White Teff Flour 5kg


Out Of Stock

ነጭ የጤፍ ዱቄት 10ኪሎ / Habesha White Teff Flour – 10kg


Out Of Stock

ነጭ የጤፍ ዱቄት 20ኪሎ / Habesha White Teff Flour – 20kg


የሲዳሞ ቡና 1ኪሎ / Sidamo Coffee Green Beans 1kg



I Have been a customer with little addis for nearly a year now and i am extremely satisfied with the quality of the flour they sell and supper fast despatch and delivery service .They are making my enjera great again.

Banjaw C

Thank you so much the delivery so quicker than I expected appreciate it.

Lidiya S

I'm soooo impressed by their service and all my favourite products 😍😍 they shipped my order with same day and arrived so quickly. I cannot recommend them enough 😍🙏🏽 thank you so much ❤️

Queen B

Great products, high quality, very enjoyable, everything is expertly managed by Yonas & Magdalena

Charles G

Fast delivery, polite customer service! I make a mistake, when ordering and contact them at last minute to change order, but effort taken and my order change, after it was packed for delivery. Thank you Team little Addis.

Helen K

So glad I found this company! Super healthy Ethiopian Teff products. Great service, fast delivery, love their packaging. Will definitely be back for more.

Malgorzata W

So glad I came across this company. Very fast delivery, great customer service and wonderful selection of Ethiopian products.

Helina K

Great service, arrived next day and great value. Will definitely use again and recommended. Just to add the teff made awesome injera!

Eric S

Fast delivery, top quality products and I am very happy.

Meron F
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