BBC News: ጤፍን አቀነባብሮ ለዓለም ገበያ ለማቅረብ ወደ አገሩ የተመለሰው ‘ኢንቨስትመንት ባንከር’




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Having earned degrees in engineering and finance from top European institutions, Yonas Alemu was a success story in the world of investment banking, working for giants like BNP Paribas and JP Morgan. However, his roots, deeply embedded in Ethiopian agriculture, beckoned him back home. Yonas, who fondly remembers his farming childhood, was dismayed that foreign entities were benefiting more from teff than Ethiopians themselves.

Despite enjoying a flourishing career abroad, Yonas was particularly unsettled by Ethiopia's lack of control over its native grain, teff, on the global stage. Recognizing the missed opportunity, and driven by a vision to reclaim Ethiopia's rich agricultural heritage, he left his prosperous life in Europe to reintroduce teff to the world, but with a distinct Ethiopian identity.

Establishing his brand 'Lovegrass Ethiopia', Yonas encountered numerous obstacles in his journey – from political upheavals to bureaucratic red tape. Yet, perseverance led him to not only process teff, but to innovate with products like teff pasta, breakfast cereals, and pancake mixes, showcasing the versatility of this ancient grain.

Today, Lovegrass Ethiopia stands tall in the European market, changing the narrative around Ethiopian food and earning accolades for its quality. Yonas’ story isn't just about introducing a grain to the world but is a testament to his belief in Ethiopian potential, urging the government to prioritize value addition over mere raw exports.

For the full story and journey of Yonas Alemu's transition from a banker to an agricultural pioneer, click here.

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